Saturday, 25 August 2012

what did you do on Friday evening?

i ran :) ... from work to home ... just 24+ km ... :D

as i prepare for the Chicago Marahon ... 42 days to go ... will you support me?


Monday, 20 August 2012

my journey so far ... CM2012! :)

I had started preparing for the Chicago Marathon (Oct 7, 2012) long back ...

Just thought of sharing brief training updates for the past two months
18/08/2012 19
16/08/2012 13
11/08/2012 21
09/08/2012 10
06/08/2012 15
02/08/2012 10
31/07/2012 8
27/07/2012 3
21/07/2012 8
18/07/2012 8
14/07/2012 2
15/07/2012 3
10/07/2012 11
07/07/2012 4
04/07/2012 8
01/07/2012 15
28/06/2012 8
26/06/2012 6
24/06/2012 13
23/06/2012 6
20/06/2012 7
19/06/2012 5
... so far, it has been about 250kms :)

during my first bare-foot 21+km training run :) (link to my work out - when i enjoyed the rainbow) - link to my fund raising :)

Friday, 10 August 2012

history repeats? - Chicago Marathon! :)

It has been more than 2 years that I finished my Boston Marathon ...

the reason that I am reminded of it is - I am now going to RUN in Chicago Marathon (on 7 Oct 2012) ...

Yes! It gets attracted again :)

I am member of Team TCS that is committed to fund raise for Stop Diabetes movement ... Will you please help me here?

57 more days to go ... keep watching this space for how my training is progressing ... Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

it was more than just 26.2 miles

[REPOSTED from my earlier blog]

Finally, I conquered the legendary ’heartbreak hill’ at Boston Marathon!

The day arrived and I was in Boston on 17th April …  you can feel the enthusiasm in the air … the hotel was buzzing with Boston Marathon contestants from all over the globe.

When I heard several participants are stuck in Europe (because of the ‘global gridlock’ caused as a result of the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland), I realized how important is the grace of the almighty from all aspects.

Seeing the video of the whole course of the marathon (at the expo on 18th April) did bring up some fears in small little corner of my heart – will I be able to make it? (after it was my first ever marathon run – and i did not get chance to prepare as much as i would have loved to) … the visualization of the FINISH line (through the video) did bring some tears as well.

Woke up the next morning and the weather was just right for the run … I was feeling I was in the best possible shape for this … Walked about a mile to reach the point of pickup from where the school buses ‘transported’ about 25k+ participants to the START line … Many were finding the weather little chilly …

Had to wait for some considerable time (out in the open & early in the morning) before we could get on the buses (but imagine the organization that goes behind the mammoth task) … Enjoyed the bus ride (of about 30-40 minutes) and relaxed as much as possible

On reaching the starting point (athlete’s village), I had enough time to freshen up, get in the running attire and store the things in the baggage area before the Wave 2 (in which I was supposed to start) officially begin to RUN at 10:30 am.

While waiting, borrowed a marker from someone at the last minute and wrote my name on my t-shirt and INDIA on my right shoulder — this really turned out to be a wonderful thing to do. This thing got thousands of spectators to cheer me saying ‘Go HARSH Go’ or ‘Go INDIA Go’ all throughout the course … I was really ‘touched’ (Even literally, oh so many people touched me and i touched so many people on the whole route)

How can I not mention the ‘scream tunnel’ formed by the Wellesley college girls with ‘Kiss me’ placards in their hands – did I kiss anyone? Yes and No – with FINISH line (and my wife) in my mind – I settled with flying kisses … (and later looking at the ‘timing’ that I achieved, I was glad I did not ‘indulge’ – otherwise I might have missed my personal deadline of 6 hours)

27539 Thakkar, Harsh H. M  CANADAINDIA 
FinishPaceProjected TimeOfficial TimeOverallGenderDivision
0:13:32 5:54:2222434130224636

Boston people were really amazing – I was exhausted at couple of places and I do feel i might not have reached the FINISH line without there never ending support. Thank YOU – Boston, Everyone & ALMIGHTY :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

time is NOT money ...

... it is much more precious !!!

money lost can be earned back - but same is not true for time :)