Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Surrender, completely and unconditionally!

One fine day, our kid was playing with a closed cylindrical plastic box containing 100 ear buds. (Parents of kid know this for sure – kids like to play with anything and everything except their toys ;-). After few minutes of struggling, he was successful in setting all the 100 ear buds free from captivity. All the buds were scattered hither and thither on the bed.

Now, he got chance to try his hands at another game – to put all the 100 ear buds back in the box. This one was tougher than his earlier stint. (A cliché worth pondering over - Isn’t it always easier to break than to make?).

While I was watching all this, it was difficult for me to resist my urge to help him out. However, I waited till he finally gave up and looked at me for help (and all this is of course in our very own ‘sign’ language – since he had not learned to speak by then).

Then, on getting an approval from him, I gathered all the 100 ear buds and put all of them in the clear plastic box at one go - almost ‘effortlessly’.

While I reflected on this trivial looking incident, I was pleased to get inspired by a subtle message – When we completely surrender our problems to our Father (the Almighty), they are solved almost ‘effortlessly’; no matter how complex and impossible they may seem to us.

puzzle (small)

The task of putting all the 100 ear buds in place was so difficult for our kid but once he completely surrendered his problem to me, it was done in a jiffy and he might also take it as a ‘miracle’.

The key here is - 'complete surrender'

Someone has rightly said –
Don't tell GOD how big your storm is; Tell the storm how big your GOD is!

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  1. One word.. Amazing.
    You know what inspires me the most after reading this? I kind of like it the way you spare those moments to look inside and think of essence even out of small things like this (at least it appears small). Its like when you are driving on freeway and see beautiful sight there are two options 1. see and keep going 2. pull over, stop and relish the moment.. you fit in #2 and thats the beauty!