Friday, 18 July 2014

why did the bird cross the road?

It was so refreshing to witness a bird and five of its young ones cross the road in the midst of busy morning commute ... The bird was hurt on one of its legs and was seemingly hesitant to risk crossing four lanes wide road ... not sure how but it 'communicated' its need for assistance to a pedestrian - and the person happened to figure out what to do :)

He just stood by the birds - at a comfortable distance and started to stop few cars one lane at a time - the bird felt secure enough to trust and take the leap of faith - and slowly but steadily they all were on the other side - safe and sound

It was re-assuring to see a live demonstration that 'help will come when it is required'

Just go ahead with FAITH (Father Almighty Is There to Help) and GRACE (God Reaches out & Cares for Everyone) will flow!