Thursday, 31 January 2013

as you sow ...

... so shall you reap :)

This is a saying I was taught early in my life ...

It is true ... Whatever seeds one plants, the corresponding fruits will grow up

Recently, i happened to ponder upon a very important understanding related to the same concept. One should not get attached to the place where one has put in their seeds ... some of the fruits take very long time to grow up ... instead, move on after planting your seeds with best intentions and rest assured you will get to enjoy even bigger/better fruits on the way (grown from seeds planted by someone else with equally great intentions much earlier than you did) ... thereby, you can enjoy new 'places' as well and get the benefits earlier (than had you waited patiently at your own 'farm') :D

It is certain that if your intentions were noble than the fruits you get to enjoy will be at least better and earlier (than your own fruits) - but you need FAITH in the GRACE!