Friday, 20 July 2012

who needs to let go?

i remember another anecdote from my childhood days:

there is a person who is hugging a tree and then shouting aloud 'please let me go' ... so, a passerby comes up and makes him aware that it is he who has to let go and not the tree ...

the moral is simple - many of us are 'hugging' our fears/weaknesses/problems (that bother us) in the same manner - it is we who have to let go (and not the other way round) - but alas - it is not apparent and visible to us :(

Monday, 9 July 2012

road bumps are not ...

... U-Turns! 

... instead they are opportunities to speed up (or be creative) to reach your destination faster :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

are you 'playing' with your life?

it is summer (yay!) - and we were visiting few natural wonders in the nearby 'city of waterfalls' - where one or two adventurous folks had gone to the edge of the waterfall to enjoy the ultimate (insider's) view ...

there was a group of visitors who were 'shocked' at the sight - and one of them quickly exclaimed - 'these guys are playing with their life!' - when I turned to glance, I noticed that someone amongst them was carelessly enjoying the nature with a lighted cigarette in his hands ... and it took a lot of effort to stop myself from blurting - "isn't smoking as good as 'playing' with one's life?"

It then occurred to me - we are all playing with our life - in some way or other - we may not notice it (the way a third-party onlooker can see it clearly) ... question is not whether or not ... it is 'how'? are we playing in a manner that is 'fun and rewarding' or is the game 'dangerous and draining us' ... 

whatever is the answer you give to your own self - remember this - course correction is always possible - and everything is in your control - you can quickly take charge of your current actions - so that the future results are what you want them to be! :)

how is your game going?