Thursday, 17 May 2012

we all loose until we all WIN!

I would like to share a story, in brief – that has been inspiring me since my childhood.

Once upon a time, a bunch of hungry people were put together in a room … and they had lots and lots of delicious cupcakes stacked in the room – but their agony was – they were not able to bend their hands from the elbow … so a few of them started getting restless and attempted crazy things to fill their empty stomachs with mouth-watering cupcakes. Some tried flinging cupcake after cupcake in the air – with the hope of catching it with their mouth wide open – only to get the food smashed all over their face … some even tried bouncing it off the walls. And soon the whole room was a mess – the number of cupcakes had reduced but their hunger & frustration had increased!

And then there was one guy – who hit upon a creative idea. He picked up the best cupcake left with his hand and moved closer to a fellow room-mate and put it in that person’s mouth without the need to bend his own elbow!

Soon – everyone was inspired by this positive action – and needless to say they all witnessed a ‘happy ending’!

I beleive - WE all loose until WE all WIN!

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