Monday, 24 October 2011

impossible is impossible!

let me tell you a story (a folklore I have read/heard somewhere) ...

One day, a person from city visits a nearby village and is astonished when he sees a villager carrying an ox on his back to the lake.

Amazed at this unusual show of strength, he asks in disbelief - 'how could you carry such a heavy animal on your back?!'

The villager responds unfazed - 'Why is it so surprising?! For years, this has been a mundane routine for both of us. I used to carry the ox on my back when we both were young and I am doing the same now'

I do not know the authenticity (or even practical feasibility) of the story ... but I like it a lot since it depicts power of incremental yet regular improvements. It is true that 'slow and steady does win the race!'

I like the statement 'Nothing is impossible' - but it is a 'cliche' ... I like it more when put as 'Impossible is Nothing' but since that one is already a trademark/copyright - here I give the story a title 'Impossible is impossible!'

Is it catchy enough? :)

PS: One more reason I was reminded of this favourite story - 100 Year 'young' Fauja Singh completed full marathon on 16 Oct @Toronto in 8+ hours !!!

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